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Feeding Futures


About Feeding Futures

Feeding Futures is a BC initiative to support nutrition in schools. Beginning in Fall 2023, $214 million will be provided to school districts throughout BC over three years to create or expand local school food programs. The aim is to help more students get the nutrition they need to focus on their education.


District Goals for Food In Schools

  • Expand to daily breakfast, lunch, and snacks for all students who need it
  • Nutritious food offerings
  • Incorporate more local food and culturally appropriate food
  • Stigma-free access at no cost for students who need it
  • Partnerships: PAC involvement, other community partners
  • Sustainability: low waste for food, packaging, and materials, and staffing time 


Nutrition Guides  

We are awaiting the release of the new guidelines for nutrition in BC schools. An interim document has been provided: 


Events and Initiatives

Useful Links and Resources

Local, Regional, BC Food Organizations

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