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GROW Online Learning (K-Grade 7)

What Do We Do?

School District No. 27 provides a classroom alternative through online learning for students from kindergarten to grade 7. These courses are Ministry of Education-certified courses delivered by B.C. certified teachers. Online Learning through our school district differs from homeschooling which is typically led by a home education (a parent or guardian). For a full explanation please see "Classroom alternatives."

Are You an Online Learner?

We all know that online learning is moving into the day-to-day experiences of many people. Do you want to get a boating license, host a special event, or does your job require you to learn a new product? These are just a few examples of where learning online will be required and building the skills necessary to learn online is crucial. It is also important to acknowledge that not all people are at the right time in their life to start an online course.  

More Information?

To learn more about GROW (Graduation Routes Other Ways), please choose this link to see our School Webpage.

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