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All The Right Type

As soon as children start composing and writing, they should be learning about proper keyboarding skills and posture to develop good habits into the future. Instead of just at school, students can also have access to their records and the program to improve their typing speed anywhere they have internet access (even at home).
Choose your school below, and then insert your username and password (provided by your teacher) to access All the Right Type.

100 Mile Elementary

150 Mile Elementary

Alexis Creek Elementary

Anahim Lake Elementary

Big Lake Elementary

Cataline Elementary

Chilcotin Road Elementary

Dog Creek Elementary Junior Secondary

Forest Grove Elementary

Horse Lake Elementary

Horsefly Elementary Junior Secondary

Lac La Hache Elementary

Likely Elementary

Marie Sharpe Elementary

Mile 108 Elementary

Mountview Elementary

Naghtaneqed Elementary Junior Secondary

Nesika Elementary

Tatla Lake Elementary Junior Secondary


Lake City Secondary

Peter Skene Ogden Secondary



For Assistance on Accessing All the Right Type, please contact the IT Department.

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