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Information Technology (IT)

hard drives in a data centre

The IT Department of School District No. 27 is an exciting and dynamic division of School District No. 27, and at its core is improving the educational and administrative components of the School District. We service and support approximately 2500 computers/devices in classrooms and offices throughout our school district. The district is committed to equitable opportunities for all schools to implement state of the art hardware, software, and networks in educational settings. In the past few years the goals have included:

  • Providing common network software at all sites
  • Common database solutions on student achievement
  • Implement “Cloud Based” solutions

Recently, the massive growth in wireless devices (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device) by staff and students to school has expanded exponentially.

A focus of the district is to make Information Technology more accessible and relevant for students in the classroom. The curricula for Business Education and Information Technology subjects continue to emphasize computer technology. Furthermore, computers are now being integrated into all areas of the curriculum to support an expanding range of educational goals and outcomes for all subjects – our students are even engaged in online courses. Finally, our staff take pride in maintaining a high level of service in a very dynamic technical environment that is driven towards providing the best education possible for students in the “information age.” To this end, the IT Department of School District No. 27 is proud to support the Staff and Students in the ever changing array of technology available in the 21st Century.

Barry Rawlek

T: (250) 305-7973

Kevin Abel

T: (250) 305-7972

Ryan Andres

T: (250) 305-7974

Troy Dyck

T: (250) 302-9174

Ken Matieshen

T: (250) 398-3808
C: (250) 305-7955

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