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Independent Directed Study (IDS)

In SD 27 we encourage students to use the Independent Directed Study Framework we developed to earn credit for learning they are doing beyond their regular classroom experience. We know there are opportunities across the communities in Cariboo-Chilcotin School District for students to engage in learning that is meaningful to them culturally or personally while also connected to learning outcomes of the BC curriculum. We recognize there are community experts and resources to support students following their interests and goals. This framework is designed to help students work with their school and community to plan, engage in and demonstrate learning in a way that will allow students to earn credit in the graduation program.  

The IDS is a school course, and it is designed by the student with their support teacher, principal, or vice-principal. It is a directed study which means it is planned in advance of the activities of the study.

Community partners may have a valuable role in supporting students in their learning during the IDS and may be part of the assessment process with the sponsor teacher, principal, or vice-principal who will be evaluating the demonstrated learning and assigning credit. We invite community partners to let us know about potential learning opportunities so we can work with students to design IDS. 


2021 Independent Directed Studies Guide

School Contacts for Independent Directed Study

Lake City Secondary School: 

Peter Skene Ogden:   

Skyline Alternate: 

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