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Permanent Student Record (PSR) Card

A Permanent Student Record (PSR) Card is a listing of a student's entire academic record for grades K-12. The PSR Card provides a complete record of courses taken, achievement records (excluding provincial exams), absences, schools attended, and graduation status.

You may wish to request your PSR for the following reasons:

  • To document marks from courses that do not appear on your transcript (most transcripts only show results from grades 11 and 12)
  • To confirm your attendance at a school
  • To help confirm the language of instruction 
  • To document any other information about your program of instruction

Current Students

Students can obtain a PSR card from the school that they are presently enrolled in, or last attended, until they reach the age of 22.  A complete list of School District No. 27 schools is available here.

Inactive Students

Students who are older than 22 can obtain a certified and sealed copy of their PSR card from the Education Department of School District No. 27 upon completion of the Request for Transcript form form.  If the student attended any other school after leaving School District No. 27, the records will be located at that their last school or district office. For a list of school districts in British Columbia choose this link.

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