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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Picture of students that says "a shared commitment to improve student success and equity of learning outcomes for every student in public education in BC.

The Framework For Enhancing Student Success (FESL) combines accountability with evidence-informed decision-making to support a system-wide program of continuous improvement within school districts. 

FESL represents a shared commitment to improving success, equity, and inclusivity of learning outcomes for all students with a focus on Indigenous students, children and youth in care, and students with disabilities and diverse abilities who are underrepresented in positive outcomes. The framework sets out the specific goals and measures in the areas of intellectual, human and social, and career development for all districts. Achievement data is to be disaggregated according to those target groups of students for transparency on how well districts are closing those gaps.

We will update this page throughout the year to share our current results, actions, and success stories.

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