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First Nations Role Models


School District No. 27 and the First Nations Education Department are thrilled to announce the 2022 First Nations Role Models Paige Romaniuk and Angus Paul.

Paige-1.pngPaige is a proud member of the Cariboo-Chilcotin Métis Association. She is a grade 10 Honor Roll and Work Ethic award student at Lake City Secondary School (WL Campus). Paige is very proud of her rich Métis ancestry. She shares that “our Métis family was built of strong capable intelligent men and woman who persevered and endured through all kinds of hardship. They were trappers, fishermen, raised cattle and worked horses.

A true role model means to be someone that is honest and trustworthy. Trust is probably one of the most valued traits in a person and impossible to have a relationship of any kind with anyone who is not trusting. Paige gives thanks to her parents for raising her to be a dependable, reliable, and trustworthy person. They raised me to believe that education is the key to opening doors and living a healthy lifestyle.

Angus.pngAngus learned trust from his family as they are very close and share everything with each other. His family taught him to always be honest. By being honest with yourself and others you are creating trust. If you are not honest and lie; then you tend to lose trust within your social network. By always being your genuine self, you will gain individuals trust over time”.

Angus says that “‘Respect’ is another important quality you must have. To retain respect from others you must show them respect in return”.  He also strongly believes that he has good leadership skills and is responsible. He knows that others in hockey and 4H look up to him and for that reason he tries to be a positive role model to them. 

Angus would like to thank the Indigenous Education Council for considering him as Indigenous Role Model. He plans to put the Bursary toward a Heavy-Duty Mechanics program at Thompson Rivers University.

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