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Systems Thinking

District Data Centre

The SD 27 technology department created a new clustered data centre. This means there are three dedicated servers to host districts applications and data. This design allows for full redundancy so that if any of the servers goes offline for any reason the other servers perform the functions of that server so there is no interruption to service. It also allows the tech department to perform upgrades and servicing with not disruption to users.

Cloud Backup

SD 27 has set up back up of all email, One-drive, Sharepoint, and Teams user files with a tool called VEEAM. Our content is stored in Microsoft Azure. This Canadian data centre meets the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FIPPA) requirements for securely storing data in our country. Our data will be safe and accessible if there is any disaster or event affecting our sites. These back ups plus the use of hosted solutions for essential services allow for disaster recovery. We would be able to resume or maintain core services off-site from anywhere if needed.

Teams Communication Platform

SD 27 has re-implemented Teams to provide templated Teams for schools, departments, and classes so that users have a similar experience across these teams. In addition to providing a platform for chat, video and voice calls, and collaboration, the new Teams design allows for shared file storage and access for departments, school staffs, and classes. Students also have Teams accounts for participation in class activities and to keep and share files. Membership to each team is automatically created and maintained by a program called SchoolConnect using data extracts from the student information and HR systems. This makes for seamless updating of accounts and access when changes happen to staff and student locations and assignments.

IT Help Desk
SD 27 has implemented a new online service request system for staff to use to get help with tech-related needs. We are the first district in BC to deploy Solar Winds ticket management solution. All staff can submit tickets for themselves from a computer or mobile device. Technicians and staff are able to communicate directly through the system about the request. Solar Winds provides automatic notifications to the technicians to advise of vulnerabilities and risk associated with any device on the network. The system provides data that will help improve service by identifying common issues, tracking replacement schedules and warranty information, and showing where time and resources are being spent.

Staff Communications Portal

SD 27 has created a staff communications portal. This is an online page where staff can access news, announcements, information, software, and links in one place. The portal, which opens automatically when a staff member opens a browser page on their work computer, provides the person with personalized features and content based on their role. We expect this to support easy access to the information our staff needs and improve communication.

New SD 27 Website

SD 27 was pleased to introduce a new website in Spring 2021. The website was designed to communicate key information to the pubic in an engaging and user-friendly way. All of the information for staff was moved into the staff communication portal allowing us to clean up and streamline the website content. A scrolling news banner highlights important news and happenings with colourful images and captions and the options to click to learn more. A reduced number of tabs, reorganized sub menus, and a search feature make it easier to find items of interest. We hope you enjoy the new site.

IBM Partnership

SD 27 has established an ongoing partnership with IBM K-12. The district engaged IBM to complete a comprehensive IT review to inform a multi-year roadmap for modernizing the district. The IBM team will provide ongoing advisement and support to the district technology department as part of the cycle of continuous improvement of technology in SD 27.

Standards of Conduct

To ensure common understanding of the expectations for professional conduct of SD 27 staff, we have developed a clear set of standards. The standards have been reviewed by all employees and will guide our actions and interactions in the school district.

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