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Instructional Capacity

Collaborating on ADST and Career Education

ADST Teacher Alana Meyer worked with Nesika staff on Oct 14 to share the exciting work happening with elementary career education, exposure to trades, and ADST. The invitastion was extended for collaboration to build teacher capacity through collaborative planning and co-teaching. 

Thinking Classrooms

Peter Liljedahl worked with staff and students at Lake City Secondary in September on Thinking Classrooms approach to teaching and learning. 

Professional Learning at Nesika on Numeracy

Carole Fullerton joins SD27 teachers at Nesika, on addressing diversity in the classroom by teaching through problem-solving. Take aways: All students in an inclusive math classroom are getting into a task together and then the teacher’s role is to facilitate by adjusting the challenge level through knowing kids, moving between them, and knowing the math deeply. Students show their thinking visibly, and ‘good questions’ keep the learning going deeper. Meaningful practice consolidates learning. 

“And it all starts with a good question.” 

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