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Elementary/Intermediate Programs

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Explore our programs below. All questions can be directed to David Corbett,

David Corbett

Coordinator of Career Programs


T: 250-398-3823

C: 250-305-4240

F: 250-392-3600


SD27 Career Programs is thrilled to incorporate Youth Discover the Trades Programs in classrooms across the district. With industry partners such as Taesko/Gibraltar Mines, Thompson Rivers University – WL and the Industry Trade Authority, opportunities to explore the trades are wide and exciting. The programs vary from one day events with local tradespeople to regular classroom activities that incorporate trades thinking and skill building. Students learn about what a trade is and why trades are awesome!

Potential trades that students may have the opportunity to explore include, but are not limited to:

Carpentry, Welding, Electrical, Automotive Service, Heavy Duty Mechanics, Plumbing and Millwrighting.


The Youth Discover the Maker Club offers intermediate students (grades 5-7) and their educators, an opportunity to be empowered and inspired about making; making projects that are desired or creating solutions to problems they encounter. The Industry Trade Authority (ITA) offers a grant of up to $11,000 for the district with a maximum of $2000 per school. Applications will be processed through SD27 Career Programs. SD27’s Elementary ADST & Career Ed. teacher will be providing consultations, recommendations and teaching support to schools with new or expanding clubs.

Making with trades, technology and arts, learning and honing new skills and showcasing student’s projects, are all goals of the Youth Discover the Maker Club.

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Building buddies is all about exposing students to careers, skills and trades from a younger age with the help of the older school community. As there are several elective options available at our secondary schools, Career programs annually invites elementary school students into these settings to experience and explore everything from woodworking to culinary arts. New skills are found and new connections are made. High school students currently in these classrooms become leaders to the younger grades and everyone works together to build bridges within the community and create amazing projects. 


Applied Design, Skills and Technology integration opportunities are abundant in regular classroom activities. From grades K-5, learning can be embedded in classroom learning and from grades 6-8, learning can be presented as modules with a focus in exploring a variety of content areas.

Various SD27 ADST district kits are now becoming available. With relation to trades, careers skills can also be discussed when in use. Topics include: Plumbing (Marble Roller Coasters), Electrical (LED Light-up cards), Carpentry (Nail string art) and more! Please inquire to the Elementary ADST and Career Ed. resource teacher for more information.


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