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Cataline Elementary Gives Back

Cataline Students

As part of a 12 Days of Giving Theme, Mrs. Enns' and Mrs. Heard's classes went around town spreading cheer through gift giving and song.

Students visited the Child Development Centre to drop off toys that were collected at the school and sang Christmas Carols for them. Then they headed off the the Boys and Girls Club to drop off food, hats, and mittens that had been donated and collected, and sang to them as well.

Next, the students visited the Cariboo Place Long-Term Senior Care Centre for singing. The giving tour ended at the hospital with students singing their repertoire of Frosty the Snowman, the Reindeer Hokey Pokey, and Jingle Bells. The songs were enjoyed by all who were present to hear. 

These students learned the joy of giving and spreading Christmas cheer throughout the community! Mrs. Enns and Mrs. Heard shared the sentiment, "We just wanted to help make people smile this holiday season."

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