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fire.jpgJunior Initial Attack registration meeting is October 27, 2021 at 6:30 in the commons.  Students must be registered prior to the meeting with the Career Centre.

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LCSS Career Center News-- Career Education New Curriculum

A completion of 8 credits of Career Life Education is a Graduation requirement.

The transition year: The Grade 12 students of 2019/20 will follow the current Grad Transition format but the report card section will now read Career Life Connections 12 (4 credits) and they will receive a combined letter grade with their 30 hours of work experience.

Career Life Education 10

Planning 10 has been replaced with CLE 10. This course is a formal class taken within the timetable during grade 10. Since the Career Life Education (new curriculum) already began in the 2018-2019 school year, the remaining 4 credits of career education will change with this class.

Career Life Connections: This course will be divided into two 2-credit courses both taken outside of the timetable listed below.

Career Life Connections 12A

This is an online, Moodle 2-credit course that the students can begin at the end of grade 10 and can carry on over the summer but must complete by the end of grade 11.

*Career Exploration (30 hours’ work experience) will now receive a letter grade combined with their CLC12A letter grade

Career Life Connections 12B

This 2-credit course is a Capstone project. This a project of choice for students that consists of preparing a proposal, choosing a mentor, developing a timeline, journaling their 30 hours, creating a portfolio for presentation and reflecting on their progress. The students will receive their package in October of their grade 11 year. The students will have until May in their grade 12 year to complete the project.



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