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Provincial Assessments

There are 3 Provincial Assessments that are REQUIRED to be done in order graduate: Literacy 10, Numeracy 10 and Literacy 12. These assessments can only be written during the scheduled weeks that are decided by the Ministry of Education. We cannot stress the importance of the students to be on time and present for their scheduled assessment times. They WILL NOT GRADUATE if they have not completed all three assessments by the end of grade 12.

2022/2023 Scheduled Provincial Assessment Weeks:

Oct 21, 2022 - Nov 4, 2022 // Jan 23, 2023 - Jan 27, 2023 // April 24, 2023 - Apr 27, 2023 // Jun 26, 2023 - Jun 29, 2023

Check out this link to access your Provincial Assessment results (January results will be posted in March).  You need your PEN (personal education number) to login.

pencil filling out test circles.

Are you ready to write your Provincial Assessment? Check out this link to access past assessments and answer keys on the Ministry of Education's website.

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