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March 29

Continuity of Learning

Q: How come not all districts are doing the same thing in their response?  For instance some districts have all staff working from home.

A: Districts are different. Many are using virtually the same version as ours, and, some metro districts, have chosen to go, largely, remote.  In the case of a metro district with 15,000 employees and a fairly dense population it must look different.

Q: Will any staff be allowed to work from home?

A:  Many of our sites have a fairly small staff and none are large enough that they pose a challenge to maintain social distancing.  We have communicated through our local, the BCTF and government to ensure we are consistent with the health authorities. We have the ability to have people on site and this will allow us to check in, get a sense of what we have available, who we need to provide service and support for and what that might look like.  Having said that, we have approved some to start from home and we have attempted to be as fair, consistent, and reasonable as possible.

Q: What if I feel sick or have cold symptoms?

A: If you are not feeling well, you should stay home and rest.  Your school Administrator can catch you up when you are feeling better.


March 19

There are lots of questions, and we are working to find answers.  Here’s what we know in SD27.  Currently, we are on spring break.  District staff is working to develop timelines and priorities for what continuity of learning might look like.  We are in close contact with Union Leadership to ensure you have the latest information and to ensure messages are consistent.

Given the events unfolding, we need everyone to be patient and we need to provide calm and stability for each other and our communities more than ever. Staff do not need to be creating plans for delivery on March 30th right now. We will be working with our admin group on Tuesday to establish a strategy for what that will look like on March 30th, and staffs will spend some time on that process when they return.  This will take a bit of time, and it will look a bit different in every school.  In Chris Kennedy’s (West Van)note to staff, he referenced Past President of the BCTF, Glen Hansman saying, “until we know what IT is, we can’t plan for it. Better rest, let your immune system recharge… and take care of those immediately around us.”  I agree.
Again, we need people to be patient.  We will continue to provide updates and post to the district webpage and other social media feeds.  I know Murray and Sue will also be available and support as needed.

Take care of yourself and those around you.