The Board of Education of School District No. 27 recognizes and accepts its obligation to provide an educational program to all students of school age resident in the District and to ensure due process in the management and discipline of students. Due process demands that each school develop a code of conduct and that it be communicated to students and parents. For more information on a school’s code of conduct, check out the school’s website or contact the school.

The Board of Education accepts that in specific circumstances schools may need to suspend students from attendance at the school in order that the integrity of the school program is maintained and/or that the health, safety and educational welfare of others be protected. District policies have been developed to guide principals.

Policy Link

District Policies on Student Suspensions are found in the Student Section of the School District Policy Manual.  These policies include:

  • Student Suspensions – Policy 5114, Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools – Policy 5114.1
  • Alcohol or Drugs: Possession, Trafficking, or Non-Medical Use – Policy 5114.2
  • Student Suspensions (SA s.91(5)) – Policy 5113
  • Link to Policy Manual

Tracy Becker

Division Head Secretary
Education Department
T: (250) 398-3811

For more information on suspensions or to book an indefinite suspension hearing.