Getting Ready for Kindergarten

How Parents Can Help!

Social & Emotional Skills

  • Show me how to get along with others.
  • Allow me to make new friends.
  • Teach me to “use my words”.
  • Give me time to “use my words” ( five seconds)
  • Encourage me to speak in complete sentences.
  • Help me learn to follow simple routines.
  • Provide early bedtime routines for me.
  • Provide times for me to be away from you.
  • Give me chances to take turns.
  • Help me learn self-control.
  • Show me good manners and help me practice.
  • Encourage me to listen to others.
  • Teach me kindness.
  • Show me how to care for others.
  • Talk to me about feelings and name them so I can talk about feelings too.
  • Help me learn that my actions have consequences.
  • Give me chances to work on my own.
  • Give me chances to be responsible.

Safety & Self-Help Skills

  • Teach me to use the bathroom by myself.
  • Teach me the names of my body parts.
  • Let me dress myself.
  • Teach me my full name, age, phone number and parents’ names.
  • Show me how to care for my belongings.
  • Encourage me to clean up after myself.
  • Expect me to put away my own toys.

Coordination Skills (Large and small muscle control)

  • Let me run, jump, hop and march.
  • Play ball with me.
  • Let me build with blocks.
  • Let me practice opening and closing things.
  • Show me how to zip, button, tie and wrap clothing.
  • Help me use scissors to cut out simple shapes and pictures.
  • Give me crayons and pencils to use.
  • Let me cut and paste and draw and paint.
  • Teach me to make lines and circles and to print my name.

Problem Solving Skills – Science Discovery

  • Talk about similarities and differences.
  • Help me ask questions about the world.
  • Show me about cause and effect.
  • Encourage me to create collections.
  • Encourage me to observe nature.
  • Let me experiment and make predictions.
  • Give me time to figure things out.
  • Let me touch, hear, see, smell and taste when it is safe.
  • Give me opportunities to help prepare snacks and meals.
  • Help me learn the colours.
  • Give me chances to weigh things.
  • Help me understand relationships between things.
  • Teach me about space like: above, below, next to, in front of, after, before.
  • Encourage me to use describing words, such as, big, little, small, smooth, rough, over, under, fat, thin, long, short.

Problem Solving Skills – Math

  • Help me discover parts and wholes.
  • Help me learn the basic shapes.
  • Give me chances to sort and match objects by colour, size and shape.
  • Show me groups in sets of two, three, four and five.
  • Play counting games with me so I can learn to count to ten.
  • Talk about time, such as, “Its 7 o’clock, time for bed,” the seasons and today, tomorrow, and yesterday.
  • Show me how to measure and count: for baking, for building, and travelling.
  • Talk about place such as: first, second, third, and last.
  • Give me chances to follow patterns and put things in order.
  • Give me puzzles to solve with 4 – 12 pieces.
  • Help me learn to estimate and make good guesses.

Creativity Skills

  • Give me chances to express myself through art, music, dance, cooking, building and drama.
  • Help me learn to make choices.
  • Show me how to invent and experiment.
  • Help me pretend and imagine.
  • Let me to think and wonder.
  • Support and encourage my interests and talents.

Language Skills (Reading Readiness Skills)

  • Read to me often every day.
  • Talk about the stories with me.
  • Let me retell simple stories to you.
  • Help me to make up my own stories.
  • Show me how you read from the left to right on a page and from the front to back of a book.
  • Give me letters to play with like magnetic letters for the fridge, or letters cut out of a magazine.
  • Help me learn what my name looks like and the letters in my name.
  • Sing songs with me.
  • Share rhymes with me.
  • Help me learn words in my world ( i.e. STOP signs, cereal boxes, t-shirts)