Professional Learning Communities

PLCs and Inquiry

Professional Learning Communities in SD27 are built around common inquiries that teachers pursue collaboratively with the goal of improving the achievement of all learners. School staffs meet early in the school year to develop their ‘Building Resilient Learner’ Plans for the School Board. They also meet together to select an inquiry focus for the year. In most of our Elementary Schools there will be an on-going inquiry for both Primary and Intermediate teachers. In our Secondary Schools, departments may work together on an inquiry or some other team will collaborate on one. Our small, rural schools often work together on an inquiry.

Inquiry Process

The inquiry process is guided by what teachers are noticing is happening for students in their classes. With the help of their PLC Facilitator, teachers meet together and discuss patterns they notice with students and select a focus for researching and inquiring. They craft a question to guide their work, which they will be able to answer by the end of the process. During their PLC meeting times, they will participate in research and book study sessions to learn more about their focus area and to discover what research has to offer. Teachers will take action that result from their learning and assess the impact these have on improving student learning. At the end of their inquiry, teachers will be able to answer their inquiry question and will know whether the strategies or changes they’ve made have improved student learning enough to incorporate into their repertoire of tools. The inquiry process is an important way for all teachers to show that they value lifelong learning.

Summary of Inquiry Work

In order to encourage the sharing of new knowledge created each year in our PLC’s, the following document provides general information about all inquiry work in the District, including the question investigated and a contact name.  It is also possible to search the document by key word to allow for faster access.  Instructions for this are found on the document itself.  This document will be updated periodically to include current information.

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Questions about Professional Learning Communities should be directed to:

Brian Davidson

Professional Learning Communities Coordinator