Personalized Learning

Personalized learning for each student in British Columbia means a shift from delivery of a set of broad, uniform learning outcomes and courses throughout the Pre-K to 12 Education Program, to learning that is increasingly student-initiated, self-directed, and interdisciplinary and that is facilitated by the teacher and co-planned with students, parents and teachers.

Imagine an Education System that:

  • Helps learners develop skills, knowledge and competencies they need not only in school and more importantly in life.
  • Gives learners the literacy and numeracy skills needed to pursue and fulfill their dreams.
  • Values excellence; high standards are set for all learners and they are given the support needed to meet those standards.
  • Actively involves learners in designing their own learning experiences that integrates their interests and passions.
  • Responds to the uniqueness of every learner with flexibility in where, when, and how learning takes place.
  • Provides parents with more choice along with meaningful opportunities to be engaged in their child’s learning.
  • Views teachers as facilitators of learning who are supported by: world class teacher preparation, high standards of certification and professional development opportunities tailored to the individual needs of teachers.
  • Offers all learners technology to connect them to learning opportunities around the world.
  • Ensures teachers have the technological tools to best engage students and parents in innovative ways.

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