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  1. Will students be provided with online learning opportunities for continuity of learning?
    The Ministry of Education has indicated that school districts should develop educational continuity plans and we are working on those resources now. As they are finalized, we will communicate with students and staff accordingly.
  2. Will Grade 12 students be at risk of not graduating?
    All students who are currently on track to graduate will do so.
  3. Will I have to redo my current grade?
    Every student will receive a final mark based on their current academic standing. Students in a positive academic standing will advance to the next grade.
  4. Will this closure impact mid-term reports?
    At this time, we would expect midterm reports to go home as scheduled.
  5. My current mark is low and I was looking to improve it before the mid-term marks are in. Will this closure impact my marks?
    Please discuss this with your teacher and school administration.
  6. Will this impact college and university applications?
    We do not believe there will be an impact, however, it’s best that you check with your college or university.