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English Language Learning

English Language Learning (ELL) students are those students that do not have English as their first language. In the School District No 27 we not only serve the traditional ELL students, but also those in the ESD (English as a Second Dialect) category. ESD students may or may not have English as their first language, but they have difficulty mastering the English language and thereby have difficulty successfully completing their academics in English.

ELL in School District No. 27

Bilingualism and Biculturalism an Asset?

Current studies indicate that students who embrace bilingualism and biculturalism, and acknowledge the importance of both their home culture and the culture of the society in which they live have better achievement outcomes than students who have little linkage to their home or communities language and culture.

ELL/ESD Language Learning takes Five to Seven Years Research shows that, on average, students may take from five to seven years to approach grade norms on standardized tests in English verbal-academic skills. It is a complex process because four areas of language skills need to be developed – speaking, listening, reading and writing. In addition, a vast number of cultural references need to be incorporated into a student’s background knowledge in order to become fluent.

The BC Ministry of Education currently funds five years of specialized ELL service support. ELL services are provided to assist students to become proficient in English, to develop intellectually and as citizens, and to enable them to achieve the expected learning outcomes of the provincial curriculum. Services may be delivered in a variety of ways.

Elementary (K-7) ELL/ESD

Pull-out – Small-groups of students are pulled out of grade level classrooms several times a week for language learning support with a specialist teacher.

Push-In – In-class support of the curriculum and language learning by a specialist teacher working in collaboration with the classroom teacher.

Secondary (8-12) ELL/ESD

Secondary ELL students are placed in a program that meets their linguistic and academic needs. They will be in classes with others of similar ages and language needs.

ELL/ESD Teachers

The School District No. 27 allocates time for ELL / ESD program development and support. The ELL Coordinator and Director of Instruction – Education Services have assigned time to:

  • Train ELL/ESD teachers
  • Provide support to the ELL/ESD teachers via workshops and classroom support
  • Assist in the identification of ELL/ESD students

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