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Distance Education

Distance Education is a program for students in grades K to 10 who are principally schooling at home. This could be because of chronic illness, injury, family transition, educational choice, classroom incompatibility, or of course distance to bussing or the nearest school. The program is administered through GROW, though various school district facilities and resources are accessed.

Students in grades 8 to 10 are encouraged to participate in the Rural Secondary program. For more information about the program contact the GROW office.

Students in grades K-9 are assigned a teacher who supports the family with the resources, advice, and assessment necessary to enable the child to achieve to their highest potential. Parents and students meet with the teacher biweekly to demonstrate their learning and work through goals set out on the Student Learning Plan. There are also weekly opportunities for elementary Distance Education students to take part in activities with other home schooled children, in a classroom, in the community, or via special events such as field trips.

For more information, or to register please contact the GROW office:

GROW (Graduation Routes Other Ways) and Skyline

320 North 2nd Avenue
Williams Lake BC, V2G 1Z9
T: (250) 398-5800
F: (250) 392-3600

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