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Elementary School / Middle School

School District No. 27 offers full time enrolment to students wishing to study from home for grades K - 9.  Every family is unique in their educational needs and this option provides a flexible learning option that can fit the needs of families.  

Parental Role in student learning:

K - 9 students will need a lot of support when learning.  Your teacher will be in touch with your family regularly and provide feedback on assignments and that the parent or other adult will be able to provide the ongoing monitoring and support as needed.  The home family will need to be responsible to organize the daily supplies for lessons and it is recommended the a little time is taken each night to organize materials for the following day.  

What does the K - 4 program look like?


What does the 5 - 7 program look like?


What does the 7 - 9 program look like?


Are there in-person gatherings or field trips?


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