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Elementary School / Middle School

School District No. 27 offers full time enrolment to students wishing to study from home for grades K - 9.  Every family is unique in their educational needs and this option provides flexible learning that can fit the needs of families.  

Teacher Role in student learning:

The teacher's role changes as students move through primary (K - 3), intermediate (4 - 7), and secondary (8 - 12) grades.  The School Act requires, "A teacher's responsibilities [to] include designing, supervising and assessing educational programs and instructing, assessing and evaluating individual students and groups of students."  For students in an online learning environment at the primary level the teacher focuses on designing, supervising and assessing the program in conjunction with the parent.  It is the teacher's final responsibility for the design, supervision and assessment but it is recognized that the parent plays a large role in the delivery of the program.  As students advance from primary, to intermediate and then to the secondary grades the parent role changes in how the learning is supported.     

Parental Role in student learning:

K - 7 students will need a lot of support when learning.  The students teacher will be in touch on a regular basis to provide feedback on student work.  Parents, or other supporting adult, will support the students work as designed by the teacher.  The home family is responsible for organizing the daily supplies for lessons and it is recommended a little time is taken each night to organize materials for the following day.

8 - 9 are in a fully online program and, at this level the parent support changes.  Parents can support their students with any technological challenges, removing distractions and, when they have academic challenges, help them get support.  Parents and students can reach out to the teacher by contacting the GROW office or by directly emailing the teacher.

To join the Parents Advisory Group please connect to the Facebook page growcubs#27 for meeting times and PAC information.

Are there in-person gatherings or field trips?

Online schools, such as GROW, can provide the occasional field trip as designed by a teacher.  As a district, field trips are part of an effective learning experiences often resulting from first-hand observation of, or participation in, events or activities that occur out in the community away from the school. GROW, as an online school, does not have the same physical connection to all students like a campus school does and can not provide the same access to field trips.

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