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Adults (18 and older)

We are only accepting adults who reside within School District No. 27 and we no longer provide paper-based courses.  

At School District No. 27 we support adults who are looking to either upgrade for post secondary or achieve an Adult Dogwood.  If you would like to know more about an Adult Dogwood please see the British Columbia Adult Graduation Diploma Program.  Adults also need to be aware that GROW closes for summer and courses need to be completed prior to the end of the school year unless special arrangements are made with the teacher.

There are many online schools in BC who do offer adult programming.  Please see:

If you have any questions regarding adult enrollment please call the principal Dean Coder at 778-267-1176.

Adult Program: Non-Graduated Adults

If you are 18 years old but not over 20 and

  1. Have not graduated with a dogwood diploma you can enroll in an Adult Graduation Diploma Program
    1. For an Adult Graduation Diploma Program you need to take 5 courses
      1. One of English 12, Communications 12, or English 12 First Peoples.
      2. One of the Math 11 courses.
      3. Any three other grade 12 courses.
  2. Have graduated and you have not yet turned 19 you can upgrade your courses.

Adult Program: Graduated Adults

If you have graduated and you are over 18 you can upgrade courses for university or post secondary requirements. The courses available are:

  1. English 11/12
  2. Biology 11/12
  3. Chemistry 11/12
  4. Physics 11/12
  5. Workplace Math 11
  6. Pre-Calculus 11/12
  7. Foundations Math 12
  8. Calculus 12
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