Welcome to the Cariboo-Chilcotin!

The Cariboo-Chilcotin School District is located in the Central Interior of British Columbia Canada. There are two central communities / commercial areas (100 Mile House and Williams Lake) with many outlying communities throughout the region. The region itself is very varied geographically as it ranges from open plains, deserts, vast areas of forested terrain, and alpine mountains. Around Dog Creek, the prickly pear cactus attests to the dryness of the climate, while at Likely, the cedar trees are not suffering from drought. To the east and west, snow-capped mountains form the backdrop while the plateau country between the ranges is dotted with hundreds of lakes.

The School District provides education to approximately 4600 students in 22 schools in a diverse geographical area about the same size as the Province of New Brunswick. The distance from the most eastern school to the most western is over 500 km.

Diversity does not end with geography in School District No. 27. Our teachers work in communities which range from a few families to one serving over 30,000 people. Our three smallest schools have less than 20 students while our largest has just under 1500.

Although many of our schools are in rural communities, most working and living conditions are similar to those in schools found in other parts of the Province. A number of our schools are relatively new and a similar number have had recent renovation projects which have brought the quality of the facilities up to a high standard. Schools are well designed and are equipped with the materials and books necessary to implement contemporary instructional programs. Check out Programs & Services.

Mission Vision and Values

The Mission, Vision and Values statement acts as a guide for the Board of Education and its staff in making decisions around its learning priorities, practices, policies, processes and budget allocations. The Mission, Vision and Values focus on providing a wholistic and supportive learning experience to children.

Administrative Structure

The Board of Education of School District No. 27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin) is composed of seven trustees, representing all regions of our large district. As a Board, they are responsible to the communities and to the Provincial Government for providing educational services throughout the district. The schools’ principals and vice-principals are responsible for planning and implementing school programs suitable to the needs of their communities. Check out individual Schools.

First Nations Education

The Cariboo-Chilcotin is in the beautiful traditional territories of the Shuswap, Chilcotin and Carrier Nations. Seasonal activities and gatherings occur in the different communities throughout the year and are open to all people. The District is fortunate to be able to work with the Three Nations of the area.

The First Nations Education Committee is a committee of the Board that includes representatives from one Carrier Band, five Shuswap Bands, six Chilcotin Bands, the Métis Association and representatives from district employee groups. This Committee works in partnership and assists in making recommendation on how the Provincial Aboriginal Target funding will be spent to assist the First Nations students throughout the District and to help move the education agenda forward for these students.

The District has entered into Local Education Agreements with many of the First Nations communities. The District, the Provincial Ministry of Education and First Nations communities have signed an Enhancement Agreement to continue to work as a team to improve the education of First Nation students. Click here for more information.