Board of Education

The British Columbia Statement of Education Policy Order sets out the duties, rights and responsibilities for Boards of Education:

“School Boards have a duty to govern districts and their schools in accordance with specified powers in a fiscally responsible and cost effective manner. They have a responsibility to ensure that schools provide students with opportunities for a quality education; to set education policies that reflect the aspirations of the community and that are consistent with overall provincial guidelines; to provide leadership and encouragement to schools and the community; to cooperate with the community and social service agencies in the delivery of non-educational support services to students; and to focus on the following areas of district concern: (1) implementation of provincial and local education programs; (2) school finance and facilities; (3) student access and achievement; (4) teaching performance; and (5) accountability to parents, taxpayers, the community and to the Province.”

Mandate for the School System, OIC 1280/89, effective Sep 1, 1989

Mission, Vision & Values

The Mission, Vision and Values statement acts as a guide for the Board of Education and its staff in making decisions around its learning priorities, practices, policies, processes and budget allocations. The Mission, Vision and Values focus on providing a wholistic and supportive learning experience to children.