Online Rural Secondary

This program began in School District No. 27 in September 2009. As enrolments have declined over the years, rural schools have seen a greater decline in both student populations and staff. These declines have put greater pressures on rural teachers to have expertise in a wider variety of subject areas.

This Online Rural Secondary Program

  • Connects rural secondary students in social and academic class experiences
  • Gives rural school teachers the ability to teach courses within their area of expertise
  • Decreases the number of secondary courses each teacher is required to prepare and teach
  • Brings expert teachers to students in their academic course

The Program currently includes District rural schools, students in the Distance Ed program and some area Band Schools. Students are able to learn with their grade mates to the end of Grade 10, and participate in 5 field trips per year with a focus on academic, art, culture, and sports. The Program brings together the advantages that ‘big’ high schools have with the benefits of learning in a small, personal school setting. Students remain in their home communities longer, where they can be supported by family and neighbours.

Download the Rural Secondary Program Overview (listed below) for more information.

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Dean Coder

Director of Instruction – Education Services
T: (250) 398-3810

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