Nature Kindergarten

What is Nature Kindergarten?

Scout Island Nature Kindergarten is a full-day program of choice which takes place at Scout Island Nature Centre. Children will learn to love to be outdoors and experience their first year of school in a unique way!

Who Can Take Part in this Program?

Any child who resides within School District #27 boundaries and who will turn 5 years old by December 31st of the school year can participate in this program, if space is available.

Since the Nature Kindergarten is affiliated with Marie Sharpe Elementary, families outside the Marie Sharpe catchment area will need to complete a School of Choice application.

We strongly suggest that you attend the Virtual Nature Kindergarten Information Session on Wednesday, January 20 at 5:30pm.

How Will I Know if My Child has a Space?

Parents of accepted students will be notified in April, 2021. At this point, their child will be officially enrolled in Marie Sharpe Elementary in the Nature Kindergarten program and their child will no longer be enrolled at any other school.

General Information on Nature Kindergarten


To enroll in Nature Kindergarten:

  1. Attend the Virtual Town Hall meeting at on Wednesday, January 20/201 at 5:30pm
  2. When registering at your catchment school, please express interest in the nature kindergarten program on the registration form. If Marie Sharpe Elementary is not your catchment you will be required to fill in a School of Choice application form.



Nature K students are bussed daily between Marie Sharpe and Scout Island. Bus supervision at Marie Sharpe starts before any Nature Kindergarten student arrives.


Nature K students spend time at Marie Sharpe learning how to use the library, manage themselves in a large school with students up to Grade 6 and get experience in the gym, participate in school wide events, attend culture classes and the playground.

Community Connection

Children enrolled in Nature Kindergarten not only get the opportunity to do much of their learning through outdoor, experiential learning, they benefit from the expertise and diversity of teaching present in the staff at the Scout Island Nature Centre. Scout Island Nature Centre staff and volunteers frequently support the Nature K teacher and ECE with natural history knowledge and experiences.

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime to get the most up to date information!

Mrs. Kristina Beaulne, Principal, Marie Sharpe Elementary

Important Documents

Nature Kindergarten Brochure – 2021

Nature Kindergarten Presentation to Parents – January 2021