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What is MyEducation BC?

MyEducation BC is a Student Information System that keeps track of student information such as attendance, course marks such as term and final marks, course grades, Individual Education Plans, and student demographic data.

The MyEducation BC software product also provides both students and their parents/guardians timely information about the student’s performance in the classroom. Beginning in the second semester of 2016 at Peter Skene Ogden Secondary and Lake City Secondary, selected classes are making available to parents and students an interface through MyEducation BC that allows parents and students the ability to access the following information online:

  1. Student Academic progress (report cards, assignment marks, and teacher feedback on assignments for each course).
  2. Viewing of the actual assignments (ability to view and download the assignments that the teacher created for the students).
  3. Student Attendance.
  4. All student course marks from previous years.
  5. Student details such as parent/guardian contacts, demographics, and progress to Grade 12 Graduation.
  6. Ability for the student to upload via the internet the completed student assignment for teacher marking.
  7. Ability of the student to insert documents in a “file cabinet” that can be used for storage or movement of files between home, school, and between multiple devices for editing purposes.
  8. Ability to interact with the teacher via email.

Further questions in regards to MyEducation BC can be directed to Mr. Ken Matieshen.

Ken Matieshen

District Principal of Information Technology
T:  (250) 398-3808
C:  (250) 305-7955