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Extra Career Program Offerings

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SSA (Secondary School Apprenticeship)

S.S.A. is a career program that provides students with the opportunity to begin their apprenticeship training while attending high school. A secondary apprentice is: 15 years of age or older, working in a paid, part time position of their interested trade ( I.T.A. recognized) and working under a qualified trades person(4-16 credits).

ACE IT (Accelerated Credit Enrollment in Industry Training)

ACE IT is a program that allows secondary students to take the level 1 technical training in an apprenticeable trade while also providing dual credit towards graduation. The technical training takes place at Thompson Rivers University (Williams Lake Campus). Students accepted to the program have the basic tuition fee paid for by the school district. Current programs offered include Heavy Duty Mechanics, Welding, Construction Electrical, Carpentry, and Professional Cook 1(16-32 credits).

TRANSITION PROGRAMS (Health Care Assistant)

School district 27, in partnership with TRU – Williams Lake currently offers the Health Care Assistant program to secondary school students, operating on the same basis as the ACE IT programs. (24 credits)


Jr. I.A. is a Forest Fire Suppression program offered during the spring of the school year for students in grade 12. It is a 60 hour program requiring commitment to attend every session. Training leads to a limited number of student positions in summer employment, available with the Ministry of Forests (Protection Branch) immediately following the completion of the program. The maximum number of students accepted to the program is 12. Further information is available in the Career Centre. (2 credits).

Heavy Metal Rocks

Heavy Metal Rocks is a heavy equipment career awareness program offered each spring. The program provides opportunities for students to explore a wide variety of rewarding career choices as heavy duty equipment operators in the construction/resources industries. Student will receive certification instruction in Construction Safety, OFA Level 1 First Aid and WHMIS.


This program is designed for students aged 16 to 18 years of age, in grade 11 or 12 who are interested in police work or law enforcement as a possible future career. During the academy the students will receive instruction and lectures in law, police tactics, social skills, physical training, and self defense. The student will also be required to work in a team and partake in all activities in an RCMP Training Academy environment. They will be involved in a great deal of role playing scenarios where they will take on the role of a police officer. The program takes place during the first week of spring break (4 credits).


Elective work experience courses provide opportunities for students, especially those whose learning style is better suited to hands-on activities, to further explore career areas and develop job readiness skills as well as technical skills relating to specific occupations or industries. Elective work experience also allows students to further practice the generic employability skills needed to be successful in the world of work. Student can earn up to 4 credits for elective work experience.


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