IEP Development Process

What is an IEP?

  • A written document for student that describes program adaptations and/or modifications and services to be provided

What is it For?

  • To formalize planning decisions
  • To provide evidence of individualized planning
  • To track and report on student’s progress
  • To promote a means for student and parent involvement

Who is it For?

  • A student with a Ministry designation
  • A non-designated student receiving Resource Teacher support for more than 25 hours in a school year

Who Develops It?

  • A school case manager is appointed to coordinate the development, documentation, and implementation of the IEP
  • School staff, district or staff from community agencies may be involved
  • Parents, and where appropriate, the student is offered the opportunity to be consulted about the preparation of the IEP

When is it Developed?

  • As soon as practical after the student has been identified
  • To be reviewed at least once a year

What Does it Contain?

  • Essential information about the student’s strengths, needs, and learning focus
  • Present level of performance
  • Goals and objectives for instructional and/or behavioural plans
  • Support services to be provided
  • Adaptation, modifications and strategies
  • Description of the place and the names of the personnel who will be part of the program
  • The period of time and process for review of the IEP