Educational Initiatives


Outdoor Education Resource Teacher

Our resource teacher helps teachers tie what they are currently doing to the new curriculum, while advocating for a more thoughtful and purposeful connection to nature. The main objectives of the program are weaving local history and indigenous perspectives and knowledge into our everyday classroom experiences. The coordinator has also thoughtfully developed contacts throughout the region and province and is ready and willing to share this knowledge.

Professional Learning Communities Coordinator

The coordinator supports the yearly inquiry work, done through Building Resilient Learners Plans, undertaken by teachers and principals in SD27. The coordinator also supports professional learning opportunities through the SD27 Mentorship Program, Pro-D, and ongoing literacy inquiries. Through strong connections with the NOIIE network and continued personal learning, our coordinator helps educators in our district focus their learning in ways that will have the greatest impact on students as possible.

Early Years Learning Coordinator

Our Early Years Coordinator supports the development, implementation and maintenance of all our early years programs. The person acts as a advocate for early years programs in the district and wider community, and can often be found attending community events and helping to create and strengthen ties to community agencies.

Reading Strategies Teacher Coordinator

Our coordinator works to support classroom teachers with empirically researched reading strategies such as Reading Recovery and Guided Reading. The coordinator also facilitates inquiry and focus groups for teachers and administrators interested in improving their practice.

Career Programs Coordinator

Our coordinator works in partnership with TRU and local business and industry leaders to provide hands-on opportunities for students. The coordinator works to increase and enhance partnerships to ensure the new Career Education Curriculum is available for all students through awareness, exploration and experience. A few programs offered to our elementary and secondary students include:◦

    • Maker Days
    • Building Buddies
    • Youth Discover the Trades
    • Heavy Metal Rocks
    • Junior Fire Crew
    • RCMP Youth Academy

Learning Resource Coordinator

Based out of the EJ Bare Education Resource Centre, this person oversees our district library of teacher resources. The coordinator is also there to help with the implementation of new resources, to support teacher librarians, and to manage and support the use of online and print subscriptions.

For more information about the specific coordinator positions please contact one of our Directors of Instruction.