District Committees

Committed to excellence in education, and continuing the learning for all members of the education community, School District 27 has developed two long standing committees. With membership including management, administrators, teachers and support staff, these committees meet monthly to help with the formulation of learning goals for the district. Members then often spend countless hours researching and testing out programs and products before making final recommendations to the Board of Education and the wider professional community in the district.

Technology Committee

The committee acts in an advisory capacity and may provide recommendations to the Board of Education through regular reports of the Director of Instruction, Superintendent or designate related to:
  1. Promising 21st Century learning instructional practices through technology,
  2. Promising technologies for 21st Century classroom instruction,
  3. Budget, planning and purchasing of classroom based technology,
  4. District infrastructure technology that supports 21st Century Learning,
  5. Collaborative work with the District Curriculum Committee to advance District Goals and Visions of 21st Century Learning.

Curriculum Committee