Committees of the Board

Policy Feedback Requested

The Board of Education is seeking feedback on the policies below. Please email with feedback or comments by January 19, 2020.

Please note that the District is currently undergoing a comprehensive review of all of its policies and administrative regulations. Categorization and nomenclature will be reviewed and all revised/new policies will be assigned a new number. Original policy numbers are included for reference here (if applicable).

The School Act authorizes the Board to establish committees and to specify the functions and duties of those committees. The Board believes that committee meetings should normally be open to the public but recognizes that some items of confidentiality may have to be dealt with in a closed meeting.

January Committee Meeting Agendas

2019.01.14 Policy Committee Agenda

2019.01.14 Finance and Facilities & Transportation Agenda

2019.01.15 Education Committee Agenda

Downloadable Files

Policy 140 Board Committees

Board Committees – Trustee Membership

2019-2020 Board and Committee Meeting Dates

Board Liaison Representatives Roles

BCSTA Provincial Council Rep: Mary Forbes; Ciel Patenaude  (alternate)

BCPSEA Rep:  Willow Macdonald

CCTA Liaison: Willow Macdonald

DPAC Liaison: Mary Forbes, Ciel Patenaude

FNEC Liaison:  Angie Delainey, Linda Martens

SD27 Trades/Technology Advisory:  Willow Macdonald, Mary Forbes (alternate)

Joint Use (North): Angie Delainey

Joint Use (South): Willow Macdonald

Committees of the Board – Archived Meeting Agendas