Building Resilient Learners School Plans


Building Resilient Learners School Plans are prepared by school principals, after consultation with staff members, to select goals and actions that focus work to improve learning for students. Focus areas are matched to District priorities and currently include Healthy Schools, implementing the redesigned curriculum, and Literacy and Numeracy.

Each school is required to submit a Building Resilient Learners Plan by mid-October each year.  An updated version, reporting and reflecting on how plans developed, is then submitted in June.  The current and past BRL Plans for each school can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Questions about specific BRL Plans should be directed to the principal of the school producing it.

Questions about the Healthy Schools section in general should be directed to:
Silvia Seibert-Dubray
Director of Instruction – Student Support Services
T:  250-398-3855
F:  250-392-6226

Questions about the curriculum section should be directed to:
Jerome Beauchamp
Director of Instruction – Education Services
T: 250-398-3811

Questions about First Peoples Principles of Learning should be directed to:
David DeRose 
District Principal, First Nations Education
T: 250-398-3836

Questions about numeracy inquiries should be directed to:
Sari Small
Math Teacher-Leader
T: 250-392-7154

Questions about the inquiry sections should be directed to:
Brian Davidson
Professional Learning Communities Coordinator
T: 250-398-3842