BC’s New Curriculum

Introduction to BC’s Curriculum Redesign

Today we live in a state of constant change. It is a technology-rich world, where communication is instant and information is immediately accessible. The way we interact with each other personally, socially, and at work has changed forever. Knowledge is growing at exponential rates in many domains, creating new information and possibilities. This is the world our students are entering.

British Columbia’s curriculum is being redesigned to respond to this demanding world our students are entering.  To develop new models, the Ministry consulted with experts in the field. They suggested that to prepare students for the future, the curriculum must be learner-centred and flexible and maintain a focus on literacy and numeracy, while supporting deeper learning through concept-based and competency-driven approaches.

The redesign of curriculum maintains a focus on sound foundations of literacy and numeracy while supporting the development of citizens who are competent thinkers and communicators, and who are personally and socially competent in all areas of their lives.  British Columbia’s redesigned curriculum honours the ways in which students think, learn, and grow, and prepares them for a successful lifetime of learning where ongoing change is constant.

Core Competencies and the Successful Learner Framework of the New BC Curriculum

As your child completes their year end assessment of their core competencies, please refer to the image below to reflect upon the choices that your child has made, and the goal(s) they desire to achieve.  You may also view and print this image as an Adobe PDF by choosing the Successful Learner Traits link in the downloadable files section on this web page (shown below).  There is also a PDF of the Explanation of the Core Competencies listed in this same location.

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