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Media Release

Press Release in Blocks

The Board of Education is issuing the following media release. Click here to access document.


On October 6, 2021, the provincial government indicated that school boards could consider establishing a vaccination mandate for employees.

The School District #27 Board of Education understands this is a complex issue and may have many repercussions across our employee groups and ultimately students.   

Given our general staffing supply, a vaccine mandate would negatively impact our ability to provide service, without demonstratively improving school safety.   Transmission in schools remains low, and schools remain safe.

As such, at the November 23, 2021 Board Meeting, the Board of Education passed a motion to NOT consider a vaccine mandate at this time.

The conditions of the pandemic change across the province, and our communities, week to week and the Board will explore evidence to first examine whether the data supports further consideration of a more complex conversation.

Board discussions will continue to be transparent and work through the committee structure. Issues specific to employee groups may be limited to in-camera. Committees report to the Board. Our committees can be participated in virtually. 

As a Board of Education, this matter is outside of the usual realm of governance and far removed from the passion of what drives people to be trustees. The Board is deeply aware that this matter requires thoughtfulness and humility. Our primary concern remains the safety of staff and students, and we appreciate everybody’s ongoing efforts to work through this pandemic.

Ciel Patenaude, Board Chair

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