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Media Release - Administrative Appointments


School District No. 27 is announcing the following administrative changes effective August 1, 2021.

Mr. Calvin Williams will be taking over as Principal of Skyline Alternate School with general supervisory responsibilities of the site that includes GROW and the Rural Schools program. Mr. Williams will also oversee student engagement projects that connect Nesika and Marie Sharpe. Mr. Williams has a remarkable ability to connect with, and support, students.  This skill set, combined with some engagement opportunities at elementary schools, will be a natural fit at Skyline. 

Mr. Dean Coder (Director of Instruction) will assume responsibility for GROW (Distributed Learning) portion of GROW/Skyline.  Mr. Coder has an extensive background in DL and his experience will be useful as the District considers the upcoming changes to DL on the provincial landscape.

Ms. Caitlin Currie will assume supervision and leadership of the Rural Schools Program. Ms. Currie currently helps coordinate the rural schools and these added duties will help make the rural program more responsive to the needs of the rural schools. 

Mrs. Holly Zurak will be Principal of Nesika.  Mrs. Zurak spent the last year as Vice-Principal of Nesika.  Before that, Mrs. Zurak had successful roles as Principal of Big Lake, Horsefly and Tatla. Mrs. Zurak is a proven leader, team builder and collaborator. She will continue the work Mr. Williams and herself had started last year. 

The District has begun its search for a Vice-Principal of Nesika.

We are fortunate to have leaders with flexible and diverse strengths that can contribute not only to their growth, but the continued growth of students and the District.

Congratulations to Mr. Williams, Ms. Currie and Mrs. Zurak! We wish them success into their new roles and responsibilities.

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