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Administrative Appointments

Administrative Appointments

MEDIA RELEASE:  July 5, 2021 

School District No. 27 is pleased to announce the following administrative appointments: 

Ms. Ashley Posnikoff – Vice Principal – 100 Mile Elementary (August 1, 2021) 

Ms. Posnikoff joined SD27 in 2018. Ms. Posnikoff brings 11 years of varied educational experience having spent 5 years as a teacher in SD91 and before that, in Prince Rupert. During this time, Ms. Posnikoff also completed a Master of Education degree in Special Education, and she has spent the last three years in a learner support role at 150 Mile Elementary. She has also engaged in the District learning series and brings a passionate and collaborative energy that we look forward to adding to our leadership team. 

Ms. Taryn Aumond – Director – Human Resources 

Ms. Aumond joined SD#27 in 2014. For the past 4 years, Ms. Aumond has been the Manager of Human Resources. In this capacity Ms. Aumond has been invaluable in helping move the district through significant restructuring and modernization. Ms. Aumond’s work has consistently been far beyond that of a Manager. Her expertise with regards to collective agreements has been exemplary and invaluable as the District has worked with employee groups to build trust and transparency. Her duties have included extensive work providing guidance and supervision for Maintenance, Transportation and Facilities, while helping administration develop capacity with regards to process and best practice. Ms. Aumond is long overdue for this recognition! Congratulations on your new assignment in SD#27 and for continuing to contribute to the growth of our district.  

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