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Xspace Unicademy is SD27’s satellite campus in Vancouver, British Columbia, housing an innovative full-time secondary school program for students.  Students who attend Xspace Unicademy complete accredited G8-12 courses with SD27 through a unique blended learning model and graduate with a BC Dogwood Diploma.  Xspace’s blended learning model creates a space where students can interact in purposeful ways with peers, digital course materials, the online teacher, and the facilitator in a physical classroom setting.  Qualified educators from the Xspace-SD27 instructional team work together to guide students through coursework, while helping students develop long-term soft skills and offering personalized instruction that fits students’ individual needs.

Xspace Unicademy commits itself to the success of students by:

  1. Facilitating a timely integration of students into the Canadian education system, including the effective mastering of English and other BC credit subjects;
  2. Bridging gaps between cultures and methodologies to foster students’ growth and excellence;
  3. Encouraging students to take ownership of their education by developing self-discipline and confidence;
  4. Fostering digital literacy skills through the use of technology.


Xspace website www.xspacelearning.com

206-5066 Kingsway

Burnaby, BC, V5H 2E7

(604) 908-1598