Welcome to Kindergarten

The Kindergarten program is designed especially to meet the needs of children turning five before December 31 of the school year. We know that young children learn best through activity. They will be involved in whole class, small group, partner, and individual learning activities. Often this looks like play. Through play, children learn coordination and movement skills, creativity and problem solving, and social interaction skills. Structured play that is orchestrated by the teacher also provides children with the foundations for their academic learning. Through this kind of play, children ask questions, experiment with new ideas and materials, seek solutions and learn to think.

Teachers and parents are partners in a child’s education. Research shows that the more parents are involved in their child’s education, the more successful the child is at school. Your participation in the school is welcomed. Here are some ways you can become involved:

  • During the spring prior to Kindergarten, attend the WELCOME TO KINDERGARTEN event at the school with your child
  • Visit the school and get to know your child’s teachers and principal
  • Share information about your child
  • Support your child’s learning through activities outside of school (ie. reading together every night, talking about school projects)
  • Volunteer to help with school and classroom activities. Ask about ways you can help the teacher at home if you can’t volunteer at the school
  • Volunteer to visit the classroom to share special skills, talents, hobbies, and crafts
  • Attend the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meetings at your school

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