The Community Relations series deals with the schools system’s external relations – with mass media of communication, with PAC’s, with committees, with complaints concerning school personnel, with community use of school buildings, with other governmental and private groups concerned with education and the like.

1110 Communications

1111 Distribution of Union-Political Information

1120.4 Policy Development

1120.5 Committees of the Board

1125 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

1150 Appeal Procedures

1160 School Board Power and Duties

1161 Trustee Remuneration

1162 Trustee Conferences

1163 Trustee Code of Conduct, Roles and Relationships

1164 Conflict of Interest - Trustees and Employees

1210 Parent Advisory Councils

1220 School Planning Councils

1240 Volunteers in Schools

1312 Complaints - Other than Child Abuse

1315 Naming Facilities

1324 Access to Schools

1710 Small Rural Schools

1711 Opening, Closing of Schools and School Consolidation