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Policy Manual

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Policies Under Review

Policy 1240 Volunteers in Schools

The Board of Education is currently reviewing Policy 1240 Volunteers in Schools.  The proposed revisions are intended to provided clearer guidelines regarding Criminal Record Checks for volunteers.  The Board of Education has approved, in principle, the revisions and is requesting feedback from any interested parties by 21 June 2017.

Please take a moment to complete the short survey (link to the right). Thank you for your input!
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Cyclic Policy Review

The Board of Education has proposed a four year cyclic review of its Policy Manual.  This will assist the Board in ensuring its policies are up to date and relevant.  The cycle will promote awareness amongst staff and stakeholders.

Initial input on these policies from stakeholders will assist District Staff in making recommendations to the Board as to whether the policy is relevant or is in need of revision or deletion.  If the Board recommends revision or deletion, the Board will begin the policy revision process under Policy 1120.4 Policy Development.

This process does not negate the Board’s authority to make or review specific policies at any time.