Information Technology Work Orders can be inserted by any staff member, and it allows you to ask for help on any IT related issue such as:

  • Using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, MyEducation BC, Office 365 etc.
  • User Account Problems – such as a child who cannot login
  • Your desktop, laptop, pad, projector, document camera etc. does not work
  • You cannot print
  • You need software installed
  • The software you are using does not work as you expected
  • You need hardware moved in your classroom
  • You need help using a projector, laptop, or any other device in your school
  • Please remember – no problem is too big or too small, so please let us know your needs!

In an urgent situation, please contact the IT Staff at:

Barry Rawlek:  250-305-7973
Bruce Andersen:  250-302-9174
Kevin Abel:  250-305-7972
Ryan Andres:  250-305-8067
Wayne Hammond:  250-305-7980
Ken Matieshen:  250-305-7955

Ken Matieshen

District Principal of Information Technology
C:  (250) 305-7955
T:  (250) 398-3808
F:  (250) 398-7871

If you have questions about inserting a work order, or any IT related question, please contact Ken Matieshen.