Office 365 is utilized by both Staff and Students in School District No. 27.

To access our legacy Exchange System, please scroll down this page to the link below.

The Username for login is your full email address:

Setting Up Mobile Devices on Office 365

Please note the information below in regards to setting up your personal IPhone/IPAD, Android Cell Phone/Pad, or Windows Phone for email access in Office 365.

  1. Go to Settings/Options
  2. Delete your old Exchange Account (if one currently exists for the School District)
  3. Choose Exchange Email Account to create a new account
  4. Insert your email address (e.g. and your password
  5. Choose Return/Next
  6. If it fails to connect, choose advanced settings and insert:
    1. Your email address
    2. The Mail Server of:
    3. Ignore the Domain Field
    4. The Username of: first name.last name (a dot between first and last)  e.g. ken.matieshen
  7. Choose Return/Next to have your phone connect to email
  8. If this fails again to connect, older IPhone and Android phones will need the following inserted in the User Name Field: sd27\first name.last name e.g. sd27\ken.matieshen

As a new employee, please choose the link on the left to access your Exchange Email.  You would choose this link until your account is migrated to Office 365.

Your login username would be your first name, dot, and then your last name.
(e.g. ken.matieshen)

Your password is supplied to you from the Human Resources Department of School District No. 27.

Ken Matieshen

District Principal of Information Technology
T: (250) 398-3808

To login or for questions in regards to using Exchange Email, please contact Ken Matieshen in the IT Department.