The School Act authorizes the Board to establish committees and to specify the functions and duties of those committees. The Board believes that committee meetings should normally be open to the public but recognizes that some items of confidentiality may have to be dealt with in a closed meeting.

Governance Committee

Christine Dyment, Trustee (Chair)
Tanya Guenther, Trustee
Brice O’Neill, Trustee

Mike Franklin, CCPVPA Rep
Murray Helmer, CCTA Rep
Alice Tresierra, IUOE Rep
Lori Dodds, DPAC Rep
Loretta Jeff-Combs, LCSS Student Rep
PSO Student Rep VACANT

Link to 2016 – 2017 Meeting Dates and Agendas

Board Liaison Committees and Representatives

BCSTA Provincial Council Rep: Linda Martens; Sheila Boehm (alternate)

BCPSEA Rep:  Christine Dyment; Sheila Boehm (alternate)

CCPVPA Liaison: All Trustees

CCTA Liaison: Tanya Guenther, Christine Dyment, Brice O’Neill

IUOE Liaison: Linda Martens, Sheila Boehm

DPAC Liaison: Shiela Boehm, Linda Martens (alternate)

FNEC Liaison:  Bruce Baptiste, Willow Macdonald

Superintendent Education Liaison:  Linda Nielsen, Sheila Boehm (alternate)

SD27 Trades:  Brice O’Neill

Joint Use (North): Christine Dyment

Joint Use (South): Tanya Guenther