• Linda Martens
    Linda Martens Board Member

    Zone 1 (Bridge Lake, Forest Grove, Buffalo Creek, Horse Lake)

    Committees: BCSTA Provincial Council,  CCPVPA Liaison, CCTA Liaison, FNEC Liaison, DPAC (alternate)

    T: 250.305.7985

  • Tanya Guenther
    Tanya Guenther Board Chair

    Zone 2  (108 Mile, Lac La Hache)

    Committees:  Board Chair, Agenda Review Committee, HR Committee (Chair), CCPVPA Liaison, CCTA Liaison, IUOE Liaison, Joint Use Committee (South) and Ex-Officio of all Board Committees

    T: 250.305.4366

  • Willow Macdonald
    Willow Macdonald Board Member

    Zone 3 (District of 100 Mile House)

    Committees: BCPSEA Rep (Alternate), Agenda Review Committee, Governance Committee (Chair), CCPVPA Liaison

    T: 250.305.7983

  • Vacant
    Vacant Board Member

    Zone 4  (150 Mile, Big Lake, Horsefly, Likely)

    POSITION VACANT:  Effective 09 January 2018, due to resignation of incumbent.

    T: 250.305.7981

  • Sheila Boehm
    Sheila Boehm Board Member

    Zone 5  (Williams Lake Fringe)

    Committees:  BCSTA Provincial Council Rep (Alternate), CCPVPA Liaison, DPAC, Joint Use Committee (North)

    T: 250.305.4709

  • Brice O’Neill
    Brice O’Neill Board Vice-Chair

    Zone 6  (City of Williams Lake)

    Committees: Board Vice-Chair, BCPSEA Rep, Agenda Review Committee, Governance Committee, HR Committee, CCPVPA Liaison, CCTA Liaison, IUOE Liaison

    T: 250.305.7984

  • Bruce Baptiste
    Bruce Baptiste Board Member

    Zone 7 (Chilcotin)

    Committees:  Governance, CCPVPA Liaison, FNEC Liaison, Trades Advisory

    T:  250.305.7983