• Linda Martens
    Linda Martens Board Member

    Zone 1 (Bridge Lake, Forest Grove, Buffalo Creek, Horse Lake)

    Committees: BCPSEA Board Representative

    T: 250.305.7985

  • Willow MacDonald
    Willow MacDonald Board Chair

    Zone 3  (District of 100 Mile House)


    T: 250.305.7983

  • Alexis Forseille
    Alexis Forseille Board Member

    Zone 6 (City of Williams Lake, excluding parts of Sunset Drive and South Lakeside)

    Committees: BCSTA Provincial Council Board Alternate Representative

    T: 250.305.7984

  • Mary Forbes
    Mary Forbes Board Member

    Zone 2  (Most of CRD Area G, part of L surrounding Green Lake, and TNRD are E to 70 Mile, conforming with the southern boundaries of School District No. 27 )


    T: 250.305.4366

  • Angie Delainey
    Angie Delainey Board Member

    Zone 5  (Most of Cariboo Regional District (CRD) Areas D and E conforming to SD27 boundaries, plus fringe areas of City of Williams Lake [parts of South Lakeside Dr.-civic addresses greater than 1411, Sunset Dr. & Waters Dr.] )


    T: 250.305.4709

  • Ciel Patenaude
    Ciel Patenaude Board Vice-Chair

    Zone 4  (Cariboo Regional District Area F and Part of Cariboo Regional District D [approximately north of Fern Road and East of Campbell Road] )

    Committees: BCSTA Provincial Council Board Representative

    T: 250.305.7981

  • Anne Kohut
    Anne Kohut Board Member

    Zone 7 (CRD Area J and part of K that lies within the boundaries of School District No. 27)

    Committees:  BCPSEA Board Alternate Representative

    T:  250.305.7982