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Policy Under Review

The Board of Education is seeking input from the public and its stakeholders on the following policy revisions:

  1. 1210 Parents’ Advisory Councils (deadline 03 Nov 2017)
  2. 5145 Protection of Students and Maintenance of Order (deadline 03 Nov 2017)
  3. 1120.5 Committees of the Board (deadline 21 November 2017)
  4. 1150 Appeal Procedures (deadline 21 November 2017)
  5. 1161 Trustee Remuneration (deadline 21 November 2017)
  6. 1315 Naming of Facilities (deadline 21 November 2017)
  7. 1324 Access to Schools:  Commercial or Other Agencies (deadline 21 November 2017)
  8. 3310 Purchasing (deadline 21 November 2017)
  9. 4115 Board Initiated Transfers (deadline 21 November 2017)
  10. See Cyclic Policy Review Below

Click on the link below to review the proposed policy changes and to complete a brief on-line survey.


Cyclic Policy Review

The Board of Education has proposed a four year cyclic review of its Policy Manual.  This will assist the Board in ensuring its policies are up to date and relevant.  The cycle will promote awareness amongst staff and stakeholders.

The Board invites initial input on these policies from stakeholders to assist District Staff in making recommendations to the Board as to whether the policy is relevant or is in need of revision or deletion.  If the Board recommends revision or deletion, the Board will begin the policy revision process under Policy 1120.4 Policy Development.

This process does not negate the Board’s authority to make or review specific policies at any time.

Community Engagement
In April 2015, the School District community was invited to share their thoughts about what the District is doing well and where there is room for improvement.
Read Community Feedback >>

Board of Education – Updates

Cataline Elementary School:  Bus Lane and Traffic Flow

Since the Board of Education’s major reconfiguration of schools in 2014, a change in traffic flow patters at several schools has occurred.  The Board has made upgrades to three other school sites and is now reviewing Cataline Elementary School.  Public input on the proposed draft plan is sought.  The  on-line survey will be open to the public and stakeholders until 22 November 2017.

MyEducation BC for Parents/Guardians and Students

Having Trouble Accessing MyEducation BC?
Contact Mr. Ken Matieshen at:
E: ken.matieshen@sd27.bc.ca
T: (250) 398-3808

Special Notice:  All parent/guardians of PSO and Lake City are asked to provide their email address (if they have not already done so) to the Office so that they can be provided access to MyEducation BC.

Job Postings
School District No. 27 is one of the largest employers in the Cariboo-Chilcotin Region with over 1,000 employees. Each year we hire new teachers and staff to support education in one of the geographically largest School Districts in B.C.  Get Hired >>